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Onboarding website checks

Below are some checks to verify that the website works properly.

Confirm installation

  • Check that the etc/hosts is changed to point to the IP address of the server from where ShimmerCat is running. Check here for more info on how to edit your hosts file.
  • Browse the site. If you get “NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID”, check here.

Verify that the site works properly, step A

  • Check that all resources of the site are properly loaded, simply by browsing the site, eg. style sheets, javascripts, images.
  • Double check that static assets are served as "static" or "generated" by looking to the sc-note response header that ShimmerCat produces.
  • Check that orders work properly - if it is possible to do that from the deployment with ShimmerCat because sometimes security policies on your backend or in the payment providers block requests from us when the DNS are not pointing to our server-. Add products to the cart and proceed to make a purchase.
  • Check that the connection to external services work properly:
    • Payment providers
    • Shipping agencies

Additional site checks, step B

  • If there is an Admin area, log in and check everything works as expected.
  • Check that image and file uploads work.
  • If you have some kind of feed (e.g. price comparison) in formats csv/xml that might and needs some kind of special treatment and mime type from the file extension please check that you can get it.
  • Check the third party integrations which you know the IP addresses that we need to white list from the bots blocking mechanism, and either use our Bot API to whitelist the IP address or contact us at or through our ticket system, and we will add them ourselves.

Go live, last step

  • Update the DNS to point to the servers with ShimmerCat.
  • Browse the site and double check that everything works as expected.
  • Create a test order to verify that everything works.