Bots blocking

ShimmerCat Accelerator has a mechanism to automatically identify an IP address as a prospective bot, and also to white-list the good bots, like Google's crawlers. Once bots are identified, the IP addresses that they use are automatically spread to all the deployments, so you don't need to worry about that.

The bots blocking mechanism is disabled by default when a deployment is created, but it is easy enough to enable.

How to enable it?

Update your sc_pack.conf.yaml to have the values properly set for:

All those values were set on the example we are following from the Getting Started article, and the google_recaptcha_site_key and google_recaptcha_site_secret are real credentials we use for testing. We added the domain there, so you should be able to see the Google reCAPTCHA in place for this example.

Update your devlove.yaml to:

              root-dir: www
              views-dir: views-dir
                  - / -> /target/+common/
                      application-protocol: http

We do this so that ShimmerCat can know what service that should be requested when a prospector bot makes a request to your website.

And with that it is all ready to test!

Run the sc_pack supervisord command, open a browser and visit: Defeat the challenge! We want to clarify that we need to access this specific URL for two reasons. Firstly, because the Accelerator has not added the prospector bots IP addresses to the deployment you have used for those tutorials, and secondly because we hope you are not a bot if you are reading it. In reality, when a prospector bot tries to access to any URL on your website it will have to defeat the CAPTCHA challenge on the URL we posted above, and in fact it will be redirected to it.

The humanity validator page we use by default can be replaced by a different one if you decide to use a new one, in that case you just have to contact us at or through our ticket system. and we will help you with it.

Thanks a lot for your time, and keep reading!