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About Ansible recipes


0-pre_tasks.yml Responsible for installing python, pip, virtualenv.
1-all-in-one.yml Responsible for doing "everything", and the result depends on the values associated with the variables defined in the file group_vars/edges.yml.
2.0-install-requirements.yml Responsible for creating the user and group shimmercat, and uploads the sc_pack installer.
2.1-create-deploys.yml Responsible for creating new Deployment Sites instances on the Accelerator Platform database in the cloud (calling the accelerator_client). It installs and configures sc_pack and updates devlove.yml, sc_pack.conf.yaml, haproxy.cfg, and the views-dir. This is demonized.
3.0-monitoring.yml Responsible for installing the haproxy exporter and prometheus node exporter. Optional.