What is sc_pack?

sc_pack is a "pack" of programs that helps manage edge servers running ShimmerCat Accelerator. It includes and configures the following programs:

How everything runs

You can understand more easily what's going on if you compare the programs in this list to a well-coordinated sports team whose captain is supervisord, while sc-pack itself is its coach or manager.

In Unix, each process has a parent, and here is how it looks for sc_pack:

   <system process manager>
     -- sc_pack's supervisord
           -- redis-server
           -- sc_logs_agent
           -- shimmercat
           -- celery worker
     -- sc_pack's update

To learn more about how to setup your sc_pack configuration, see Setup sc_pack

Install sc_pack

To install sc_pack, please see the information on Install sc_pack.