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What is ShimmerCat web accelerator?

ShimmerCat web accelerator is an integrated set of tools to manage HTTP/2 edge servers and caches, with a special emphasis in e-commerce web applications.

The product's goal is to reduce loading times for e-commerce sites, as well as to simplify edge management for e-commerce web agencies and platforms. With that in mind, the current iteration of the product contains the following features:

  • A specially optimized HTTP web-server, ShimmerCat QS, which connects to our cloud analysis service to download site-specific optimization rules. The rules cover automatic HTTP/2 Push, strategic asset prioritization, bot traffic filtering, image prioriization, and image optimization.
  • A tool, sc_pack, to assist in setting up and managing deployment sites - places where the software runs to serve a particular site. This tool assists in setting up all the configuration, and in keeping it synchronized across multiple servers and deployment sites.
  • An agent to run in the origin server, Linux and Windows editions, to keep the files in the edge network up to date.

Setup your own ShimmerCat accelerator network

This documentation provides information on how you can setup and run ShimmerCat web accelerator in as many edge servers as you need, to create your own ShimmerCat Accelerator Network™. This documentation can be used whenever a domain is being configured in an edge server, or in an edge server fleet.

All nodes in the network share configuration, including certificates, both via our cloud service and a distributed hash table.