DNS records

When you start using ShimmerCat you need to update the DNS records to pair your domain name to the ShimmerCat edge servers. It is therefore recommended, although not mandatory, to inform ShimmerCat about the origin server IP address.

For easier DNS record handling, you do not need to configure an A Record to point to specific edge server IP addresses. Instead we provide a URL so that you can simply add a CNAME record. One reason for this is to enable easier configuration of routing policies to send traffic directly to the origin server in the rare cases that the edge servers are down.

We also recommend using a separate DNS name for the origin server, and the public domain. That way if you decide to move your origin server to any other ip address ShimmerCat can contact the origin without the need of changing anything on our end. So if you for example have:

  • Public domain:
  • Origin server IP:

Then it is recommended to have:

  • A

and ShimmerCat will always contact your origin through