2. Troubleshooting

2.1. Running the sc_pack supervisord

2.1.1. ShimmerCat permission denied error:

  • Failed when generating new toy certificate: /root/.config/mousebox: fileExist: permission denied (Permission denied)

Take a look to the user, and user_group on your sc_pack.conf.yaml. Suppose that you have there:

  • user: sc_pack

  • user_group: sc_pack

Make sure the user you are running the sc_pack supervisord with is the same as the one on the sc_pack.conf.yaml.

If your command line is showing: (venv) root@host1:~/test/new-test$ it means you are running it with the user root which is probably what is causing that error. You are running the sc_pack commands with a user different than the one you specified on the sc_pack.conf.yaml.

You have at least two options to deal with it:

  • keep running the sc_pack supervisord as root, but change the user and user_group on the sc_pack.conf.yaml to be user: root, user_group: sudo (or whatever value the command $ groups returns and fits better to your deployment).

  • change the user on your command line to be the one you set on the sc_pack.conf.yaml, run $ sudo su <user>. e.g $ sudo su sc_pack for the example above.

Run the $ sc_pack create command to update the sc_pack directories with the new user permissions.

It is important that the user and group we set on the sc_pack.conf.yaml are the owner of the directory and sub-directories of the install-dir we set on the sc_pack.conf.yaml. We try to do it automatically on the $ sc_pack create, but if it does not work for you, or you want to discard this kind of errors you can run:

$ chown -R user:user_group install_dir


Let’s suppose you have install_dir: /home/shimmercat/test/shimmercat-accelerator on the sc_pack.conf.yaml.

$ chown -R sc_pack:sc_pack /home/shimmercat/test/shimmercat-accelerator

The complete log messages for ShimmerCat are on /<install_dir>/shimmercat/data/shimmercat.log, for the install_dir we are using as example, it should be at /home/shimmercat/test/shimmercat-accelerator/shimmercat/data/shimmercat.log

2.1.2. Celery amqp.exceptions.AccessRefused

Celery logs are on /<install_dir>/celery/data/celery.log.

First thing to check is that you have updated the:

  - deployment_site_long_name: <your_name16>
  - deployment_site_long_secret: <your_secret16>

on your sc_pack.conf.yaml. e.g

  - deployment_site_long_name: ccca6552567d530d
  - deployment_site_long_secret: 416b652640725369

because those are the user and password celery uses to connect to the broker.

Secondly you should make sure you have already updated your devolve.yaml with the domain you created on the ShimmerCat Accelerator platform, because the domain is used by celery to get tasks that belong just to a queue linked to the domain the sc_pack is configured for. You can find messages like this below on the logs when celery starts:

 -------------- celery@ccca6552567d530d-worker.host1 v4.1.0 (latentcall)
---- **** -----
--- * ***  * -- Linux-4.15.0-42-generic-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-18.04-bionic 2018-12-07 09:22:26
-- * - **** ---
- ** ---------- [config]
- ** ---------- .> app:         sc_app:0x7fb6ad2a6dd8
- ** ---------- .> transport:   amqp://ccca6552567d530d:**
- ** ---------- .> results:     redis://
- *** --- * --- .> concurrency: 1 (prefork)
-- ******* ---- .> task events: ON
--- ***** -----
 -------------- [queues]
                .> -public.ccca6552567d530d/ exchange=opt_pipeline.public(direct) key=instructions-public.ccca6552567d530d/

You should see the deployment_site_long_name in several places on this message above, otherwise something is wrong. Take a special look to:

                .> -public.ccca6552567d530d/ exchange=opt_pipeline.public(direct) key=instructions-public.ccca6552567d530d/

and more specifically to: .> -public.ccca6552567d530c/, where your deployment_site_long_name should there and also the domain you created on the ShimmerCat Accelerator. If those values don’t match then you should look into your sc_pack.conf.yaml and check the deployment_site_long_name, and also on the devlove.yaml and check that the domain you created on the ShimmerCat Accelerator is there in too.

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at or through our ticket system.

Thanks a lot for your time, and keep reading!