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Getting Started: serve static assets

Step 1: Download ShimmerCat

Download the latest version of ShimmerCat.

Uncompress it, and find the binary at program/bin/shimmercat inside the uncompressed directory.

We support Linux (64 bits) and Mac OS X.

Step 2: Hello world

Your hello world site:

  • Create a devlove.yaml file:

            root-dir: .
  • Create the index.html file:

   <body>Hello world!</hody>

Run ShimmerCat in development mode:

$ /place/where/you/uncompressed/shimmercat/program/bin/shimmercat devlove

Step 3: Browse

Now you can connect to your site running locally under the name https://www.hello.com (mind the https:// prefix!), though you may need to finish setting up your Browser.