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  • 7. Accelerator properties

7. Accelerator properties

7.1. How to know if the Accelerator is working?

  • Do a GET request to https://accelerator.shimmercat.com/presentation-api/v1/<domain>/status/, and this will provide you all the metrics we use to know if a service is running.


curl -X GET https://accelerator.shimmercat.com/presentation-api/v1/www.accelerator.doc.com/status/ -H 'Authorization: Token xxx-your-tokenxxx' -H 'Content-type: application/json'

that will print a response like this:

    "www.accelerator.doc.com": [
        {"deployment_id": 13, "is_log_agent_reporting_data": True},

If is_log_agent_reporting_data is False then there are not logs reported yet, please contact our support team.

7.2. How large proportion of visits are served with the Accelerator?

The accelerator only triggers with certain probability, which is set via prob-accelerator-kicks-in in the devlove file:

    prob-accelerator-kicks-in: 0.5

That’s because we want to always compare how well we are doing with respect with other customers.

Just now, the only thing the accelerator does is to activate HTTP2 Push and explicit priorities.

See how to corroborate HTTP/2 Push is happening.